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Measure your own

Measure your own for a 20% discount!

*This service only applies to windshield protectors at this time.

Fill out the form below with the Year, Make, and Model of your equipment along with your contact & Shipping information.


If your request is eligible, one of our sales reps will contact you and walk you through the process.

During this step (if you choose to proceed) you will be charged for the windshield protector (discounted by 20%).


Receive our patented measuring kit with instructions.

Once you measure your windshield, ship your pattern back with the included shipping label. Then your new windshield protector will be shipped within 1-2 weeks!


Once you receive your windshield protector, email us a photo attached to your equipment and allow us to use your photo on our website.

In return we will refund your shipping cost!

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